A “Club Standard” which all leaders and runners should adopt, where appropriate.  Not as prescriptive but some pointers, as follows.

Warm Up

A standard warm up must include:

  • A check for any injuries and health issues in your group, investigate where necessary.
  • Count how many people you have and point out the front and back lead.
  • Remind people to go to the toilet before the warm up.
  • A brisk walk.
  • Dynamic stretches.
  • A pulse raiser.

As you know static stretching is used for cool downs and dynamic stretching is used for warm ups. Dynamic stretching improves mobility and uses controlled movements to mimic the specific motions of your sport.  For runners, dynamic stretching thus improves mobility of areas such as the hips, ankles, and knees while also warming up the muscles for the repetitive motion of running.

Dynamic warm ups, such as high knees, butt flicks, skipping and grapevines runners will warm your body up for running, reduce the risk of injury, and improve your athletic performance.

Prior to doing the dynamic stretches, we should include a brisk walk, asking runners to mentally check their body to feel for aches, pains and strains. Now is the time they will probably be catching up with their mate from last week but we need them to prepare their mind and body for the task ahead.

 During Your Run

Focus on your form:

  • Think of golden thread to head
  • Relaxed shoulders
  • High hips
  • High knees
  • Dorsiflex foot, cycling underneath and behind body.

 After Your Run

At the end of the run, tell your leader if you think someone might be missing.  Tell your leader if you have any injuries and, if so, refer to Marion to record.  Feedback to your leader – how did the run go?  What worked well? What could have worked better for you?

Static Stretches should cover all major muscles as follows – that’s 10 stretches:

1.  Calves
2.  Quads
3.  Hamstrings
4.  Glutes
5.  Adductors

  1. Hip flexor (I use the open gate, close gate one)

7.  Chest
8.  Back
9.  Arms
10. Shoulders

Ensure you have a little routine that goes around the body.  Ask you leader for guidance if you’re not sure how to do your stretches – it’s important you carry them out properly.  Remember these stretches should be held for about 30 seconds, runners should wait until the stretch eases then stretch it further.