• Please make sure you register if you haven’t already and collect your race number upon arrival from the registration area (signposted).
  • You will need to write your full name, emergency contact and any medical conditions on the back of your number and remember to bring safety pins to pin it securely to the front of your shirts.
  • Any participant unsure of their physical ability to take part in the event should take medical advice from a general practitioner, prior to the event.
  • For safety reasons we ask competitive runners to start at the front then joggers followed by younger or less experienced runners.
  • Parents – The run is open to children aged 8-11 (accompanied by an adult) and 11+ who are able to run on their own (in accordance with UK Athletics). We encourage parents to: Use sensible judgement with their children.  They must ensure their child has done the appropriate training, are well hydrated prior to, during and after the event.  Ensure they stop and rest when needed, or even walk some of the route.  We advise they take measurements in very hot weather, for example wearing appropriate head-wear and clothing and the application of sun cream
  • Dogs – please note that dogs are not allowed on the course.
  • As the run is in June, there is a chance of high ambient temperatures causing hyperthermia (heat stroke); runners are advised to stop running when needed, to ensure they take on enough fluids throughout the day and to wear sunscreen and appropriate head-wear.
  • Runners are reminded that conditions on the course could also be wet, windy and cold. Runners are expected to wear suitable clothing and footwear and to run in a manner appropriate to the ground conditions. This information will also be given in the safety briefing.
  • On our website and race information packs, we warn competitors of the additional risks involved in participating in endurance events, and remind them that it is their own responsibility to ensure proper preparation, training and fitness to compete.  Our website directs competitors to the runbritain.com and www.runnersmedicalresource.com where they can access regularly updated advice from the Run Britain Medical Advisory Group, on how to prepare for an endurance event. They discourage sprint finishes except for experienced athletes. This is supplemented by our pre-start briefing, which informs competitors of the condition of the running surface, and any possible hazards on race day.
  • Marshals will be positioned around the course and may give warning of specific risks.  The course is not suitable for wheelchair users or pushchairs.  No dogs, including guide dogs, are allowed on the course route.  Runners are reminded that running numbers are not to be folded or mutilated in any way.  Runners who do not comply with these rules could be disqualified from the race.

First Aid and Marshalling

If you need first aid at any point during the event, please notify a marshal who will contact our first-aiders.  We will have marshals along the course they are there for your safety and the safety of your fellow competitors.  Please make sure you listen to any instructions they give you and pay attention to any race signage.

Once registered a condition of entry to the race includes the medical disclaimer that the runner consents for his/her personal and medical details to be released by the medical team to the race organiser (to inform next of kin and statutory authorities reiterated to the runners who pick up their number on the day of the race) in the event of a medical emergency.

In the event of adverse weather conditions that force us to cancel the race, an email will be sent to your registered email address, a text to your registered mobile phone and information posted on the website as soon as possible.