We run a group system at the Monday evening Club Night.  These are the backbone of the club and allow us to have runners with very different abilities but still maintain our ethos of one big inclusive group.

If you are new to the club, please use the pace indication below to choose the group most suited to you, e.g. if your recent 5K time trial was over 35 minutes, then 5K Stickers is for you but if it was under 35 minutes and you want to increase your distance, then try our 5-10K Improvers group – run with 5K Stickers for now and join the next course which starts on Monday, 28 January 2019.  If in doubt, just ask someone – we’re a friendly bunch.

Beginners having completed their 10 week course would normally target the next Improvers course and/or join 5K Stickers to consolidate their running and Improvers would normally join one of the 10K Graduate groups – Ambers, Purples, Greens or Blues – and/or the 7.5K Stickers to consolidate before “moving up” to a 10K graduate group.  Only 5K Stickers group are available to those having completed Beginners between courses.  Improvers are welcome to move up to one of the 10K graduate groups if their pace allows and/or they feel ready.

Groups will aim to run between 30 minutes and up to an hour though this can vary from week to week. The actual distance will depend on the aim or speed of the group.

  • Beginners 0–5K over 10 weeks (March 9th 2020)
  • Stickers Red 5K (Over 35-45 min 5K time) run pace 7.00 – 8.00 min/K*
  • Stickers Yellow 5K ( 30-35 min 5K time) run pace 6.00 – 7.00 min/K
  • Improvers 5-10k over 10 weeks (20 -35 min 5K time) run pace 7.00 – 7.30 min/K (March 9th 2020)
  • Stickers 7.5K (Over 35 min 5K time) run pace 7.00 – 7.50 min/K
  • Amber 10K (34 -37 min 5K time) run pace 6.55 – 7.30 min/K
  • Purple 10K (30 -34 min 5K time) run pace 6.00 – 6.45 min/K
  • White 10K (28 -32 min 5K time) run pace 5.45 – 6.15 min/K
  • Green 10K (27 -30 min 5K time) run pace 5.30 – 5.50 min/K
  • Blue 10K (Under 27 min 5K time) run pace 5.00 – 5.20 min/K
  • Walkers – for those returning from injury or recovering from a recent run.

*Anyone completing the 5K time trial following the 0-5K beginners course in over 45 minutes will need to rejoin the next beginner’s group to improve their pace, but will be supported between courses in a slower 5K Stickers group.

The above is “rule of thumb” since it very much depends who joins a group on the day, i.e. a runner might “belong” to Greens but on a bad day may have a slower pace for one reason or another, which would usually mean the pace would be lowered for the whole group on that particularly day or he/she might decide to run with a slower group for recovery purposes.  

Runners can move to a different group if the need arises, e.g. following injury or during a period of lesser fitness, but work towards “settling” in to a group that suits their pace more permanently so that they “belong” to one of the groups.


Many members take advantage of the free timed 5K parkrun event on a Saturday morning, the local one taking place at Wycombe Rye but once you are hooked there are runs all over the country (and the world) and your times and other statistics are recorded for every one that you run.

Wycombe Rye parkrun website

Sunday Trail Runs

These happen most Sundays – look out for announcements on our members FB page for timing/location/leader and details of the run.  Easy, sociable and suitable for all 10K graduates.

Coached Sessions

These happen most weeks to improve speed, strength, endurance and help you to attain your goals – look out for announcements on our members FB page for timing/location/leader and details of the session.  Challenging but short sessions providing variety and addressing specific running improvement aims.  Suitable for all 10K graduates and many also suitable for 5K graduates.

Cross Country

One Saturday afternoon a month from October to February.  All free and a fabulous way of building strength and endurance.  See Martin Long for details.


All runners are responsible for their own safety on the road and the safety of other runners and road and pavement users. Group leaders do not have to be first aid trained but are gradually undertaking first aid training to ensure that eventually they all are.  Basic First Aid kit is available at the club house, together with a defibrillator.  All leaders carry mobile phones to contact colleagues/emergency services in case of need.  Leaders are responsible for their groups and most importantly ensuring that all runners are accounted for and that no-one is ever left behind.


Please respect other people on the pavement or footpath. We don’t havexclusive right of way! If you see someone coming towards you on the pavement, shout a warning to the runners behind you and move out of the way of the pedestrian. As you go past thank them and don’t forget to smile!

We hope that this information will aid your decision about the most suitable activities for you but if in doubt, please ask!

Lots more details on our website: https://hazlemererunners.org/