We began meeting in a local car park in October 2016. The idea of a small jogging group came about through a Bucks County Council initiative to encourage local communities to improve their health through participation in physical activity. An organisation called Active-In sourced a few volunteers to lead a small group of jogging residents around our local area, for what was intended to be a period of six months or so. In the beginning few, if any, of the participants had ever thought about running before.

The popularity grew and grew, and in June 2017 Hazlemere Runners was set up, offering regular beginners 0 – 5k and improvers 5 – 10k running courses. We also provide club runs of 10k or more for those who have graduated from the improver’s course.

Hazlemere Runners is no longer linked with Active-in or Bucks County Council. It is its own running club, affiliated to England Athletics and organised by a team of dedicated volunteers who believe in active participation for all. Over 100 members joined us within our 1st three months of becoming a running club, and our membership continues to grow. We have an official club kit and a clubhouse which the local sports association kindly invites us to use as our base. The club’s primary aim is to “Provide safe and supportive running opportunities to improve the health and wellbeing of our local community” and we believe this is key to our club’s development.